Bottlebrush is a simple guy, thinks in simple terms, behaves in simple ways, the great sidekick type.
He's a bit naive to the ways of the world and prefers to sit around and eat as most caged pets.
Yet he's curious... he'll ask questions, offer advice, watch too much television and is more than willing to take advantage of a situation if there might a carrot stick involved.
Slick is a complete optimist. Not much can get him down. He likes to know more than he really does, so he just makes up life as it comes to him. He always knows the rules because he writes his own.
Boredom is not in his vocabulary (along with a lot of other words), fun is what he looks for in any way he can get it. ..And he gets it.
Old Mr. Blueberry the cat. Bottlebrush and Slick are in fear, they think he's out to eat them.
In reality, he couldn't care less.
Ah, this poor, stupid kid. He receives the worst of being owned by his pets. His full name in BBnSK's world is "Where is that kid??" he always gets the blame or the brunt, but never the fun of the crime.
That Kid's little sister. Derived from "watch your little sister"... She's the only human to know of BBnSK's occasional escapes. She'll simply dress them in doll clothes, push them around in a carriage and force them to drink invisible tea.
Artist note: He's drawn dull looking with no personality,
you don't want to feel sorry for him, do you?
Artist note: I call them 'Guinea Hamsters' with no real species, most people had or knew someone with some sort of short tailed rodent pet when they were kids. Bottlebrush and Slick are based on a pair of real life Guinea Pigs.
He just wants to sleep, quietly.
He can't stand the ruckess BBnSK make in the house, so he'll keep tabs on their antics to keep damage to a minimum, of course, BBnSK try to find ways around his prying eyes.
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